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Satellite Broadband brings you faster Internet

Satellite Broadband brings you faster Internet

How fast is satellite broadband? Is a very good question, there are lots of misconceptions about broadband speeds in general, and subsequent performance. Here you will find details about these misconceptions.

Web Browsing

A common misconception about broadband is that the faster your speed, the faster browsing will be. However this isn’t always the truth. More often than not, you will stop seeing any noticeable difference to your web browsing speed after approximately the 2Mbps mark, this applies to all services including ADSL and Fibre. Satellite broadband has many technologies to improve the speed of browsing, especially on repeated visits to the same web pages, commonly known as Performance Enhancements Proxys or PEPs

Video streaming

Most video streaming services only require about 1.5Mbps download speeds, most of the services that you know of including: YouTube, BBC iPlayer, 4oD – all work great over satellite connection (even in High Definition!). Netflix is officially listed as not compatible with satellite broadband; however you will find that it works when tested.

File Downloading

Downloading files, such as apps or movies, or large software updates will be where you’ll really see the benefits of a satellite broadband 30Mbit/s line. Latency is no longer a factor and you will get the full use of the speeds. File downloads in this instance will be 60 times faster than a 500kbit ADSL connection. Remember to use your night time allowance if you are planning lots of downloads, as during this time the data is not counted.

Is Satellite Broadband fast?

In simple terms yes, Satellite Broadband is fast, but it is good to be aware that for certain applications, you may not see the full benefits of the speed. This is not just the case with satellite but applies to any kind of broadband connection. If you are unsure of how a certain application will perform please feel free to contact us, or you are more than welcome to come to our offices and test the system before placing your order. We look forward to seeing you, and will put the kettle on.

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