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Stop the Moans & Groanswith 30Mbps Broadband

Stop the Moans & Groans

Why Broadband Wherever?

You want the highest level of customer service, Right.

In today’s economic climate it is important that you the customer gets value for money. This is not just about any initial set up costs but the on-going customer support, after all you want to be appriciated. Thats why you will have dedicated contacts after you have placed your order for one of our satellite broadband services. You can be assured we value all of our customers, and place customer service highest in our list of priorities to you.

Really Fast

High-speed Satellite Internet to your home

Satellite Technology delivers high speed internet straight to your home and PC. You can now benefit from a service, which at 30Mb is a staggering 300 times faster than a traditional dial up connection. Just imagine how quickly you will be able to download all those large files, or keep in touch with family and friends via email or VoIP services. Don’t forget all the research and homework for the kids, or just a bit of fun watching Utube.

For Absolutely Everyone.

Flexible rates that fit your budget

Satellite Broadband is an ideal solution not just for the consumer, but also for small businesses to. With packages starting from under £0.50/day. Satellite Broadband at home is the ideal service for the home user, and our new professional services with fixed IP address are perfect for the work solution. With either service you are supplied with a UK registered IP address.


100% Superfast internet coverage for you.

Because satellite technology is not dependant on existing telephone line infrastructure, or geographical location you are now able to receive fast broadband wherever you are. No more slow speeds due to your distance from the exchange or having to think about expensive connections that are way above your budget. Rural areas and Not Spots can now be connected. Learn how to stop buffering with your new superfast satellite broadband.

Get 30Mbps Broadband with Broadband Wherever

Broadband Without a Phone line

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