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What is Satellite Broadband?

What is Satellite Broadband?

Satellite Broadband is typically promoted as an internet service for people who can’t access a normal broadband service. Whether you’re constantly moving, or you live on a remote island, you’re still able to access the internet.

The majority of internet users are connected to the internet by a traditional wired connection, such as ADSL, Cable or Fibre. However, if you live in the countryside or a remote location, it’s unlikely that there’s a wide range of choice in rural broadband providers.

The United Kingdom’s infrastructure means that the availability of different broadband speeds is dependent on where you live in the country, with higher broadband speeds in more densely populated urban areas. ISPs target populated areas due to the cost to implement the initial infrastructure and a larger population means more potential customers. Realistically, the longer the distance from your local telephone exchange, the higher the costs to implement the service, the lower the speed and combined with few people means less profit.

Satellite Internet Solutions Can Help

With Satellite Broadband, you don’t need to rely on fixed connections. Instead, Satellite Broadband works similar to your Sky dish. By using a satellite dish, you can gain a two-way access to broadband services in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Main Advantages to Satellite Broadband

  • You’re not reliant on cables or wires, making it the perfect solution for rural areas and remote locations across the world.
  • Speeds are comparable to ADSL broadband and the technology is constantly improving.
  • Internet without a phone line.
  • Accessible anywhere in the world, all you need is a dish.
  • Fast installation.