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Superfast CornwallBroadband for remote areas

Superfast Cornwall

Are you missing out on Superfast broadband in Cornwall?

Superfast Cornwall is an initiative sponsored by BT, EU and the Cornwall Council; making it the largest European investment in broadband infrastructure.  The initiative is to deliver superfast broadband to 95% of the Cornwall population including the Isles of Scilly.  This should help transform the area into being one of the best connected locations, providing people with a service that will strengthen businesses and improve communication.

This is an extremely ambitious initiative which helps everyone get connected.  However, due to the size and the scale of the project, you may only see any benefits by late 2014.  You can see the current status of where you live here:

At Broadband Wherever, we know it can be frustrating to be left out and waiting for decent broadband to be rolled out in your area.  It can be equally frustrating when you’re the unlucky few that never receive the advertised speeds.  This is why we aim to get you online within 7 days from placing your order.  You’ll be able to get online with superfast 4G Broadband or satellite broadband with a rolling contract, and fibre buy back scheme.  Contact us and we can discuss an option that suits you.