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Satellite Broadband providers in Cumbria

Under the ‘Connecting Cumbria Project’; Cumbria has recently been awarded an additional £6.7M in public funds to help achieve the government’s target of ensuring all homes and businesses in Cumbria are able to receive broadband by 2015. However, as the estimate of connecting the entirety of Cumbria is over £200M, you can see that the project is going to face a lot of difficulties with this task.

Whilst some of this money will inevitably be spent upgrading exchanges, there will still be a lot of locations where ADSL or fibre will not reach. If you find yourself in one of these “Not Spot” areas and still with slow or no broadband, then Satellite Broadband is the ideal solution. We can supply up to 22Mbps broadband to any part of Cumbria, without the use of a telephone line (or public funds). Don’t wait until 2015 for a substandard broadband connection; just call or email us and we can have you online within 10 days.

After you’re online with Satellite Broadband; downloading movies, browsing the web, and messaging your friends, consider sending an email to and provide some feedback to the ‘Connecting Cumbria Project’ about your experience!

Contact us to find out how we can help. Whether you are business or home user, satellite can help improve broadband availability and quality of life for anyone in Cumbria.

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