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If you are living in a “not Spot” and have slow broadband chances are your neighbours have slow broadband to. Introduce you neighbours to Europe’s Fastest Satellite broadband service, and you could earn a cash sum of up to £250.00

That’s a fantastic £250.00 for you to spend, and you even get the choice of which vouchers you prefer.

All you need to do is, simply register your neighbours details here and we will do the rest.

TERMS: Once you friend has been installed, and has had the system running for a minimum period of 30 days we will send you vouchers in the post. If you are not an existing customer we will need to contact you to confirm your address for us to send you the vouchers, so please remember to leave your telephone number or email so we can contact you.

You can refer more than one person, the more people you recommend the more vouchers you can earn. Recommend four people and if they all take a service that’s a whopping £250.00 in vouchers for you to spend.

Recommend 1 friend

Earn £25.00 in Gift vouchers

Recommend a 2nd friend

Earn a further £50.00 in Gift Vouchers

Recommend a 3rd Friend

Earn a further £75.00 in gift Vouchers

Recommend a 4th Friend

Earn a whopping additional £100.00 in Gift Vouchers