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How fast is satellite broadband

Superfast Fibre & Satellite Upgrades

We know every customer would prefer to have fibre, with totally unlimited downloads and no data usage caps. That’s why we have teamed up with one on the UK’s most trusted and recommended Broadband suppliers. If we know that fibre is coming to your area, we will contact you and let you know.

We will act on your behalf to get Fibre installed, offering a seamless transition from Satellite to Fibre, with no down time.

You don’t have to be an existing Satellite broadband customer to access these great deals. New customers looking to switch are more than welcome to contact us too!

A Fairer Deal

In a recent survey by Which? It was found too many of the big well-known suppliers offer cheap introductory deals to entice new customers. Then only to hike the prices after the initial contract period in the hope you will remain a customer, even when you are subsequently overpaying with a higher levied monthly charge.

We recognise this and feel this is not a fair way to treat loyal customers. That’s why with the service we recommend you can be assured of no large price hikes after the initial term is up. No need to start haggling, just a fair deal all round, both for new and existing customers – rewarding loyalty is important.

Better Customer Service

Are you fed you with having to call large call centres, sometimes abroad? Never speaking with the same person twice? Have some companies lost the personal contact? Working with us, you get a dedicated point of contact, who will continue to look after you. Image how nice it would be to contact the same person either by phone, text or email and they are there to help and answer any queries you may have – and most importantly they know who you are too.

What are you waiting for? Request a call back to see what we can do!

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