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Satellite Broadband Service

Broadband Wherever is one of Europe’s leading distributor’s satellite broadband solutions. We offer speeds of up to 30Mb download and 6Mb upload speed completely independent of a phone line. This means you can take the service anywhere within the UK and it will work; hassle free.

As there are no cables/exchanges to depend on, you do not have to worry about speed degradation through distance of the cable run. We do still sell our services as “up to”, though. This is because that, like every ISP, over-utilisation can cause slower speeds across the network.

Satellite broadband is also very secure. As the data is being transmitted through the air and moving at the speed of light, it makes it nearly impossible to intercept or access this data in any way. If your security and your privacy are important to you, satellite broadband is the best option.

Satellite broadband is not geographically dependant, and is completely independent of any phone line. Due to this it makes for great back-up solutions to your current service. If you or your business can’t afford to be offline, satellite is a great solution to have installed on your premises. We offer rolling 1 month contracts so you aren’t required to keep it always running and paying for something you aren’t using. If your regular service goes down, just plug it in and call us – we’ll activate it in a few minutes and you won’t be left offline.
Whatever your needs, wherever you are. Give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities of satellite broadband in a way that works for you.