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Improve your Wi-fiGet your free simple 5 step guide
to improving your wi-fi

Improve your Wi-fi

Boost Signal Strength

Are you fed up with those wi-fi black spots?

Signal keeps dropping out when you are walking round the house?

The kids keep shouting "Mum, Dad, the wi-fi has gone again"?

Or having to stand in the hallway to get good wi-fi?

Get your free guide

Improve Coverage

We can improve your wi-fi coverage throughout the whole house.

Eliminate black spots and give a seamless transition as you walk around.

No more annoying blips or that dreaded message "No connection".

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Optimal Solutions

Our solutions work with both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz frequency bands, and are compliant with IEEE 802.11v & IEEE 802.11r. That's the techy bit

This not only optimises the wi-fi around the house for your phones, tablets and game consoles but is ideal for those who want to bring in more smart home technology, including Smart Bulbs, CCTV, Control your heating, and many more

Get your free guide

Get your free simple 5 Step Guide to improving wi-fi

Before you think about calling in an engineer, why not download our quick 5 step guide to improving your Wi-Fi

These are simple steps you can do yourself, and are normally the first steps we would complete for you any way.

If you are still having issues - give us a call and let us rid you of those wi-fi blues!

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If you're not getting the service you want with your current broadband provider, then give us a call.

We have a range of broadband products including unlimited fibre, very often cheaper and better than the big suppliers.

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Do you want Unlimited Fibre?

From a local company & cheaper than the big Suppliers

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