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Are you fed up with buffering?

If a YouTube video isn’t continuous and often pauses to buffer, you’re going to need a faster internet connection. YouTube recommends a 500Kbps broadband connection for the best viewing experience. With our satellite broadband, we offer up to 30Mbit/s speed as standard across all of our Home User services. That’s over 50 faster than what YouTube recommends.

Imagine being able to crank up the video quality without fear of the dreaded spinning circle! 1080p is just a call away, and you’ll be up and running within 7 working days with satellite broadband that doesn’t rely on a phone line or any cable in the ground. You can watch Gangnam Style in glorious HD.. the way Psy would have wanted you to watch it! Then you can go on to watch as many cat videos and movie trailers as you can stand. We think you deserve it!

With satellite broadband, it doesn’t matter where you are. You’ll always get fast speeds, regardless if you are in the Scottish Highlands or the Isle of Anglesey. Call or email us and we can discuss your needs and you can be up and running with superfast Satellite Broadband within 10 days.