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Fastest broadband in my area

Fastest Broadband in My Area

Does your ASDL fall short of expectation

With the world getting online, it’s never been a better time to join up and get connected.  If you find you have a slow speed in your area and haven’t found a good solution, satellite broadband could be the answer.

With satellite, location isn’t important.  It doesn’t matter where you live or what other companies can provide you.  You can expect speeds of up to 30Mb/s through satellite broadband, without disappointment.   Satellite runs independently of any cables in the ground or exchanges in the town, all you need is a modem and a dish.

Satellite is no longer the last resort.

A lot of people think that satellite broadband is a “worst case scenario” option, and we battle this opinion on a daily basis.  Satellite broadband has travelled a long way, and gone are the days are waiting a long time to have a webpage load or video play.  Satellite broadband can now offer fantastic speeds with competitive pricing, we also offer unlimited data allowances with no hidden fees or small text.

If you or your neighbours in your town suffer from slow or non-existent broadband, give satellite broadband a chance.  We’re so confident that we have an open door policy at our office in Reading.  If you’re nearby, come try it out for yourself.