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Broadband without a phone line

At Broadband Wherever we specialise in delivering fast satellite broadband without the use of a telephone line.

With satellite, you receive a dish, mounted on the outside of your property. The following happens when you open a website on your computer:

  • The dish communicates with the satellite, which is outside of Earth’s orbit.
  • The dish reads this command, and sends it to back down to a central hub.
  • The hub then processes the request and provides the web traffic data, sending it back to your PC.

All of this is done at the speed of light, in less than one second!

Now matter where you are in the UK you can now get superfast 30Mbps satellite broadband from one of Europe’s leading distributors—Broadband Wherever.

Satellite broadband is not geographically dependant and does not use a phone line. Call us now to find out how you can be connected within just 10 days and how you can benefit from fast satellite broadband without having to pay phone line rental.