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The evolution of internet data usage explained

Ever since the Ray Tomlinson sent himself the first email in 1971, the scale of data usage has dramatically risen, far surpassing the inventor's original dreams. There were 361,000,000 internet users in 2000, today we have 3.56 billion internet users.

Why have the number of internet users increased so dramatically? There are a few reasons, but three of the main reasons are due to, more developing countries joining the internet age, cost effective computers and internet accessible devices and finally that computers are becoming an important necessity of life.

There's a couple of problem to an increasing number of internet users accessing the internet, processing power and storage. In 1992 the average data sent over the internet was 100 Gb per Day, in 2015 its estimated that 20 TB per second was sent over the internet. By 2020 an estimated 61 TB will be sent every second, that's 5,270,400 TB a day, or 5.2 Exabyte's of data.

For more comparisons just take a look at the infographic below.

The evolution of internet data usage explained
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