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Computer Recycling Guide

If sent to landfills, the toxic chemicals in electronic devices, such as computers, can eventually filter into the atmosphere and harm the environment and nearby communities. As a result, people are advised against disposing of electrical items in this way. Whilst you may know you shouldn’t just throw your computer out, it isn’t always clear what other options are available to you. However, with the UK households having six internet-connected devices on average and people renewing their laptops, tablets and phones on a regular basis to keep up with changing trends, more and more devices are being cast aside. Here we guide you through disposing of computers and electrical devices in the safest and most environmentally friendly ways.

Back Up and Wipe

Before you do anything, it’s essential that you back up any data you may need on your old computer. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, it’s better to be on the safe side.

Once you have retrieved the data from your PC the next step is to wipe it of all personal data. Although you are getting rid of the computer, you never know who could get hold of it and as such, access your personal data, such as photographs and bank details. If you’d rather not wipe the computer, it is advisable to remove the hard drives and keep hold of them instead. Also be sure to remove any discs from the drives.

Compter Hard Disk

Donate or Sell

If your computer is still in working condition it is always advisable to sell or give it away, you could consider selling it online on sites such as eBay or Gumtree. Alternatively, if it’s unlikely to make any money, or you’re just feeling generous, you can give it away for free via Local schools or charities are often looking for extra equipment if you’re feeling charitable, take a look online to find charitable organisations in need of computers. If you live in Northern Ireland, you can donate unwanted computers or other electrical equipment to Camara who have recycling banks, as well as offering collection. Other charitable avenues you may wish to explore include Computer Aid and IT for Charities, a site enabling you to find local charities in need of computers.

Laptop Computer


Nowadays, it is possible to return your old PC to the shop you bought it from and they will recycle it for you, an initiative brought in by the European Community’s WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive. Otherwise, dispose of your computer yourself by finding your local recycling centre using Recycle Now

Most local councils offer a recycling service that involves them picking the item up and taking it to your local recycling centre, some councils may charge for the service. Some councils have now devised a scheme whereby any electrical devices taken to their recycling centre that are still in working order will be sold on and proceeds donated to charity.

Waste Recycling Yard
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