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Broadband Wherever increases speeds on its Home User Service

Broadband Wherever have just increased the speeds on their new Home user product. Our Pro-Home range (by Tooway) now offers customers download speeds of 3.6M. This service when first introduced offered a 2M download speed. Now with the higher speeds running at 3.6M the gap is closing between Satellite & ADSL.

Not only have we increased the speeds across the service, but we have also increased the Fair Access Policy (FAP) allowance by 100%.

This is a sign of our commitment to the consumer, with increased speeds and data allowance, but with no increase in the monthly service charges still remaining at £35.00 (inc VAT) a month.

Furthermore this is a step closer to the higher speeds of 10M being proposed for the start of 2011

Posted: 21/06/2010 09:52:12 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments