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Tooway / Eutelsat Launch New High powered KA-Sat Satellite

The new satellite offers a throughput capacity of 70Gbs, covering all Europe, with this area being covered by 82 spot beams. Supported by 10 ground stations (8 operational & 2 spare). Operational for more than 15 years the satellite will be able to support over a million users.
The concept allows for data re-use across the various beams, up to 20 times, and as such is able to offer consumers a higher throughput speeds. Typically customer will be able to experience new download speeds of up to 10Mb. With these new higher speeds many consumers will now be able to achieve faster speeds with satellite than before, and in many cases services will be faster than traditional ADSL lines.
Satellite broadband was once thought of as the only option for those who fall outside of traditional ADSL coverage areas, and only able to offer speed ranging from 512kbs to 2M. Now we will see a larger customer base who can get ADSL but at lower speeds moving across to satellite technology.
Demand for the new service is expected to be high; we have already received enquiries only days after the launch. Whist services will not be commercially available for a couple of months you can pre-register your interest by calling our sales team on 0800 068 3358. You will then be added to our news feed were you will receive regular updates on the testing stages of the satellite, and be one of the first to be installed on this new fantastic service.
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