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Fair Use Policy

Broadband Extra Fair Access Policy

The Broadband Extra service provides uncapped web browsing and email subject to certain usage conditions.

  Accounted Day Time Data
from 06:00 - Midnight
A ≤ 40 GB None
B > 40 GB and ≤ 100GB Limitations applied during peak hours and periods of congestion
C >100 GB Only Web & Email available – See 1.1
D Volume Boosters Not Available - See 1.2
  • A. When generated volume in any monthly cycle is less than or equal to 40GB, no limitations are applied.
  • B. When generated volume in any monthly cycle is greater than 40GB but less than 100GB

    (i) During peak hours (Generally considered as 5:00pm - Midnight)  where the network is under more severe congestion, only web and email will be provided, all other protocols will be blocked

    (ii) During periods of congestion the management policy may reduce traffic load by giving preference to applications that require less bandwidth such as web browsing and email. Bandwidth intensive applications such as video streaming and file downloading may be slowed more than other applications: as a result, the quality of video streaming may be reduced and/or buffering may occur. In addition large file downloads may take longer to complete.

  • C. In any case when generated volume in any cycle is greater than 100GB only web browsing and email will be provided.

1.1 Web Browsing & Email

In order to fully enjoy web browsing and email, when service limitations are applied, the user needs to follow all of the guidelines below.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) and remote access must be turned off
  • A web browser application has to be used to view static web sites only. Video & music such as, but not limited to, Youtube and iplayer are not considered static web sites and will be blocked. Certain Applications may not be considered web pages or email e.g. Apps for Android, iphone or ipad other than web browsers.
  • Web browser URL must begin with http:// or https://. This means ftp:// and other externally launched applications will not be classified as web traffic.
  • Email attachments must be less than 10MB.

1.2 Volume Boosters

Volume Boosters cannot be added to the Broadband Extra service.