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Request a CallBack
Request a Callback

We want to make it easy for you to pick us as your satellite broadband supplier. That’s why we have created our 10 point promise.

  • We will always be honest and tell you exactly how the service works

    We won’t give misleading information to “beef up” the product-- with small print hiding the finer details.
  • Dedicated in-house support located in the UK

    We provide on-going support both by email and by phone, using local UK numbers. Not a call centre.
  • We only use our own in-house trained installers

    This way we can guarantee the quality of installations without using this as a get-out clause. Our trained and trusted installers will work with you to find the best option and won’t leave until you are satisfied with the service.
  • No phone line needed with satellite broadband

    Satellite broadband is independent, so you won’t need to pay line-rental charges which could save you up to £180 per year. Our system is compatible with internet calls, so keep in touch with friends and family using Skype or FaceTime.
  • You can leave the Satellite contract if you take our fibre service

    With our fibre buy-back guarantee, if you select our recommended Fibre service we will provide an easy switch from your satellite contract to Fibre. If you are leaving us for an alternative supplier we require 90 days notice, and return of the equipment, in a good condition.
  • Total UK coverage

    If you have access to the south facing sky, you have access to the fastest satellite broadband connection available.
  • We upgrade our existing customers

    If you are a customer of ours, we aim to always provide you the best service. This is why that we will always try and upgrade all of our customers to the new services when they come along, even if you are still in contract.
  • The option to self-install your equipment

    Want to save some money on the upfront costs and are DIY savvy? You can elect to choose our self-install kit. We will ship this to you on the next business day and will provide you a comprehensive installation DVD and phone support.
  • Impartial advice

    We aim to give you honest and accurate advice when you call. We try to stay away from the hard sales techniques; we want what is best for you. We’re confident in our product but if we believe that our product isn’t the best option for you, we will let you know.
  • Open door policy

    We keep an open door policy at Broadband Wherever. If you’re nearby, you’re welcome to come and try out our system here at the office. You can even meet the team. Just let us know you’re coming so we can put the kettle on.