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About Us

About Satellite Broadband

Tooway Satellite Broadband with Broadband Wherever means you have a permanent connection to the Internet. This will save hours when downloading large files; surfing the web; downloading emails, and waiting for your Internet connection to respond.

Broadband without delays

Now that your Satellite Internet connection is always on, emails will arrive straight into your inbox and you will never get a ‘busy signal’ when trying to connect. As the name suggests, Satellite Broadband means your system does not require the use of a telephone line. You will never again need to worry about missing calls or escalating call charges whilst you are online. All you need is a discrete box and small satellite dish connected to your computer or network to receive broadband anywhere in the UK. Full details of the hardware and each service level can be found in the broadband products menu.

Support and Installation

We believe in offering our customers the highest level of customer services. Yes it is always great to be able to talk with dedicated people at the sales stage of the process, but what about after sales care. At some stage you are likely to have a technical query, and it is at this point it will become clear if you have chosen the right provider.

At Broadband Wherever you will not find technical support outsourced to call centres, but you will be given a dedicated support line, during which you will deal with our internal staff and be able to continue with your first point of contact over several calls if required. In this current economic climate we believe customer service is key, and that you the customer both deserve and expect the highest level of customer care. We do not claim to be perfect, and we may get something wrong, or fall short of your expectation. The true measure of our commitment and service is what we then do to put it right.

All installations are completed by our own in house highly trained engineers, we do not subcontract out this element of the process. This means if there are any technical issues, you have one point of contact, us, and will not be "fobbed off" with claims of it being an installation issue and you need to speak with the installer. There is nothing worse than being passed between two different companies who both claim it is not their fault leaving you in the middle with nowhere to turn, and even worse potentially a non-working system.

If you are ready to choose Broadband Wherever as your service partner but still have some questions then please feel free to contact us, or alternatively you can order now.

I live in North Yorkshire and run my own business. I’ve been told by internet providers that I am in a “not spot” area, which means I won’t ever have reliable cable broadband. This made it difficult to ever have an online presence or consistently be able to communicate with customers by emails. Using wireless dongles and ISDN2 lines was an expensive and infuriating endeavour. Satellite Broadband has changed all of that. By providing equipment that doesn’t rely on traditional cabling means I can have a great and reliable connection to the internet 24/7. This has done wonders for my business (and my stress levels) and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.Mr. M - Yorkshire

When I moved from Glasgow to a much more rural area of Scotland, I had my work cut out for me to find a house that already had a solution for broadband set-up. When I found one that had a satellite dish for broadband, I was quite sceptical and unsure of the speed it could deliver-- I was expecting speeds that might rival dial-up. When I had a chance to test it, I was completely stunned. Through Broadband Wherever they offered me 20Mbit/s, which was faster than what I had in Glasgow!Mr. O - Scotland

Owning a hotel with slow internet resulted in a lot of missed bookings and a very difficult time trying to advertise and market online with Facebook and Twitter. Broadband Wherever has been a great help as my monthly costs are down and my broadband speeds are up without having to worry about losing revenue due to not being connected. Mr. W – N.Wales