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4G Broadband

4G with Free Hardware Subject to a Valid BDUK Code

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Our 4G Broadband home service uses specialist equipment, so we can get you connected to the internet, even when off-the-shelf hardware fails. Our specially trained installers check every network for the best signal in your local area to ensure that you get the best connection possible.

Lite User

4G Service
10GBper month
£25.00per month

Regular User

4G Service
20GBper month
£35.00per month

Frequent User

4G Service
40GBper month
£50.00per month

Super User

4G Service
200GBper month
£75.00per month

*As 4G uses different frequencies through different providers, your distance from the local mast and the signal strength will all have an effect on the overall throughput speed. We have given an Indication of the average speeds obtained by our customers on the 4G network with an external antenna.
Free Hardware is subject to the supply of a valid BDUK / Local Authority Code.


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You must enter a BDUK Validation Code to be eligible for the Free hardware. Installation must be completed within 28 days of your order.

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