Backup Satellite Internet Services

Choosing one of our back-up satellite Internet services is the ideal solution to compliment your existing broadband infrastructure. It offers peace of mind that, should your normal ADSL fail, with the simple flick of a switch you can be back up and on line.

As satellite is not location dependent and is completely independent of a phone line, it makes for great back-up solutions to your current service. If you or your business can’t afford to be offline, satellite is a great solution to have installed on your premises. We offer rolling 1 month contracts so you aren’t required to keep it always running and paying for something you aren’t using. If your regular service goes down, just plug it in and call us – we’ll activate it in a few minutes and you won’t be left offline.

Satellite broadband is also very secure. As the data is being transmitted through the air and moving at the speed of light, it makes it nearly impossible to intercept or access this data in any way. If your security and your privacy are important to you, satellite broadband is the best option.

Can you afford to be off-line? Our back-up solution could save you thousands as your workforce continues to use broadband and communicate with the outside world.