Fair Use Policy

Fair Access & Congestion

At Broadband Wherever, we feel that all customers should be able to enjoy the benefits of their Satellite Broadband services. Our services are built around the idea that light users pay less for their connection, and heavy users pay more based around how much data they use.

This procedure ensures quality of service across all of our services, and no one experiences poor performance due to excessive use by a small handful of customers. If we did not implement a Fair Access Policy or FAP then we could experience poor speeds across the network with approx. 80% of all data allowance being consumed by approx. 20% of customers.

How it works

All of the different service levels are given sliding time windows. In any given time window there is a maximum amount of data you can transfer. If you exceed this limit then you will go into FAP or what we affectionately call “The Naughty Box” at this time you will see a reduction in speed across your connection. At no time do we cut off, you will still be able to use your connection but just at a reduced headline speed.

Broadband Wherever – Fair Access Table

Description Broadband
Total Monthly Data Allowance (GB) 2 10 25 40 100
Max Data Rates Before FAP Download (Mbps) 5 22 22 22 22
Upload (Mbps) 1 6 6 6 6
Priority Threshold (less than 50% of allowance) 1 5 12.5 20 40
Congested (over 50% of monthly allowance) 1 5 12.5 20 60
Night Time Allowance (Midnight – 6:00am) No No Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Data Rates when FAP Exceeded Download (kbps) 64 64 64 64 N/A only email
& web provided
subject to terms*
Upload (kbps) 64 64 64 64
FAP applied in monthly upload limits (GB) N/A 2 5 N/A N/A
Max upload speed if upload limit exceeded (Mbps) N/A 3 3 N/A N/A

* For full details on the Broadband Extra Service please see our Broadband 100 Policy

What do I do if I am in the “naughty box?”

If you find yourself in the naughty box, remember we do not cut you off so you will still be able to use your service, but as mentioned before at a slower rate than the headline speeds.

At this point there are 3 options available:

  • Wait until your usage drops and you fall out of FAP
  • Buy a 1GB Volume Booster - Not available for the Broadband Extra Service
  • Upgrade to the next service level

Remember you can always monitor your usage through our secure client portal. Please contact our office if you have not been given your unique customer log in details.

If you are unsure as to which option will suit your needs the best please contact our support staff directly on 0800 298 2491